Talk English Here

Do you want to make your business or service more accessible to people who are learning English? Do your staff need help communicating with people who don't speak English well?

We can train your staff to be ‘sympathetic listeners’, enabling more people with low levels of English to try out their English in real-life situations and access services.

What does the training involve?

We have a selection of activities that we can tailor to the needs and roles of your staff.  In many sessions, trainees learn some basic phrases in an unknown language to experience first hand what it’s like to learn a language, before using this language in a practical situation.  For an idea of the session, take a look at this video:

Would your business like to take part?

If your organisation would like to be part of Talk English Here get in touch with your local Talk English Area Coordinator.


Evneet Notay, Bradford Administrator

Esther Derbyshire, Bradford Coordinator


Ebrahimz Loonat, Kirklees Council, Project Lead

01484 221000 ext 72528

Terry Lawless, Kirklees Council, Project Coordinator

01484 221000

Simon Ashbee, Paddock Community Trust, Managing Director

01484 431400

Josh Holgate, Paddock Community Trust, Administrator

01484 431400


Kate Lloyd and Lisa Robinson, Manchester Coordinators


Simon Bennett, Oldham Coordinator

0161 770 8033

Yvette Cotman, Oldham Area Coordinator

0161 770 1460


Ruhena Begum, Rochdale Coordinator

Saira Banu, Rochdale Coordinator


Peter Griffiths, Bolton College

Sundus Ameer, Bolton Area Coordinator

01204 482 920


Neena Chauhan, Fircroft College



Suzannah Redmond, Salford Coordinator