Become a volunteer

Volunteer as a Talk English Friend

Talk English Friends provide informal support to people learning English, helping them to access services and get more involved in the wider community.

The Role

As a Talk English Friend, you will be supporting people who speak little or no English and attend a Talk English Course or a less formal conversation class called a Talk English Café .  You will help Talk English learners to practise English and find out about their local area. You will also accompany them to Talk English Activities outside the classroom.

In some areas where the project is running, you will be matched with people with little or no English who you will meet with regularly to practise English.  You will arrange to meet your Friend at a convenient time and place each week.  Together you will agree on things to do, like going to a library or leisure centre, going for a walk or visiting a museum or gallery.  There will also be Talk English Activities taking place in different locations across the city where you and your friend can meet with others on the Talk English project.


To prepare you for your role, you will receive information and free training about being a Talk English Friend. You will also be able to access our Talk English Activities and website and be part of a network of Talk English Friends.

To be a Talk English Friend you will need to be able to demonstrate good skills in spoken and written English at Level 1 and good computer skills at Entry 3. You will also need at least two hours every week to support learners either on Talk English Courses or facilitate Talk English Activities alongside other Talk English Friends.