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Hounslow is a borough in west London. The Adult and Community Education team at Hounslow London Borough Council are delivering the project.

Learn English with us

If you need to learn English, you can come to one of our Talk English Courses.

On a Talk English Course, you will improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English.

All of our courses are for Beginners

Volunteer with us:

Become a Teacher

Volunteer to teach learners on Talk English Courses and help people to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

You will need to have a spoken and written level of English that is at least GCSE/Level 2. You will also need to commit to at least two and a half hours a week for up to 12 weeks, to teach and support learners in your class.

The Role

Teaching ESOL is a rewarding yet challenging experience. Focusing on the things people need to do in their everyday lives, such as going shopping, using public transport and going to the doctors, you will help learners to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Volunteering as an ESOL teacher is a great opportunity for you to gain experience and develop new skills while making a difference to people’s lives. By volunteering with Talk English you will gain experience of teaching, working as part of a team and working with learners from all over the world. You will also develop your communication, presentation and organisational skills.


We offer free training courses which introduce the role and responsibilities of Talk English volunteer ESOL teachers and ESOL teaching, learning and assessment methods and resources.

Become a Friend

Talk English Friends provide informal support to people learning English, helping them to access services and get more involved in the wider community.

The Role

As a Talk English Friend, you will be supporting people who speak little or no English and attend a Talk English Course or a less formal conversation class called a Talk English Café.  You will help Talk English learners to practise English and find out about their local area. You will also accompany them to Talk English Activities outside the classroom.


To prepare you for your role, you will receive information and free training about being a Talk English Friend. You will also be able to access our Talk English Activities and website and be part of a network of Talk English Friends.

To be a Talk English Friend you will need to be able to demonstrate good skills in spoken and written English at Level 1. You will also need at least two and a half hours every week for up to 12 weeks to support learners either on Talk English Courses or facilitate Talk English Activities alongside other Talk English Volunteers.

You can apply directly to Talk English via the links below:

Volunteer Teacher application: Click here

Volunteer Friends application: Click here

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