What is Talk English?

Talk English is a new project which aims to help people learn English and get involved in the wider community.

The Talk English project is working with people with low levels of English to help them improve their language skills, access services and get more involved in the community.

The project is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) until March 2018.  Local authorities, colleges and training providers are working together on the project in parts of Greater Manchester, Lancashire, West Yorkshire and Merseyside.

People can get involved in the project in different ways.  On our Talk English Courses, which are taught by volunteers, people can improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English.  We’re also recruiting and training Talk English Friends who support learners one to one or in a small group within a classroom setting and who may also facilitate a range of informal activities that help learners to improve their English. There are regular Talk English Activities for people learning English so they can meet others, practise speaking and do something fun and different.

Finally, we’re working with local businesses and services on Talk English Here to enable more people with low levels of English to try out their English in real-life situations.


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